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Swedish Brass Candle Sconce

Product ID: SSS002

Circular brass candle sconce

Hand-beaten at least 3000 times. The hammer imprints are a decorative feature.

Hook on reverse to hang the wall sconce up.
Spherical design prevents candle smoke marks on the wall.

A stunning, original and 'royal' wedding gift!

Size- 28 cm Depth 4cm

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Swedish Candle Wall Sconces

Swedish Candle Wall Sconces

Original Swedish candle sconces known as 'Royal Sconces', due to King Gustav V ordering them as wedding presents for his son.

Malin Appelgren Paulssen, following in her Grandfather's footsteps, beats the tin and brass sconces 3000 times with a wooden hammer.

Complete with hand beaten hook, hang one of these decorative wall sconces to bring Scandinavian style to your home.

A stunning, original and truly 'royal' wedding gift!

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