European Linen

European Linen

At Beyond France, we specialise in vintage linen fabrics sourced from all across Europe, from France to Moldova.

Many people assume that vintage linens only come from France; however the tradition of making fabrics from flax and hemp was prominent throughout Europe well into the 1940's.

Renowned for being exceptionally hard wearing,vintage linen fabric is highly sought after for its unique variations and homespun charm.The difference in widths, colours and weights are all due to the fact that the fabrics were handmade on home looms.No pieces are ever the same.

The Beyond France collection ranges from fine German and French linen fabric to coarser, 'hempy' Hungarian linen; all of which are ideal for use in upholstery,blinds,curtains and of course,vintage table linen.

Working alongside traditional Hungarian Indigo dyers, we also offer a range of hand-dyed fabrics which are excellent for re-upholstering sofas or making bench seats and linen cushion covers.

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With more than ten years experience of working with vintage European linens, we are confident we can help you find the most suitable fabrics for your project.What is more, we are only a phone call away! Give us a call today on 01285 641867 or send us a message on

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