About Beyond France

At Beyond France, we travel across Europe searching for vintage linen that is as authentic, charming and original as our customers are.

We especially enjoy travelling to our home in Hungary to seek out the adorable Hungarian linen with all its intriguing 'home spun hand spun' qualities.

Hungarian Linen

Hungarian Linen

The Hungarian linen is unusual because families in their homes spun it on small traditional looms. It was made for future everyday use and stored in rolls piled up in an outbuilding. When it was required the narrow widths of linen had to be hand stitched together to make tea towels, tablecloths, bed sheets, sacks, mattress covers and cart covers.

This understated linen has effortless style in the modern home with grain sacks doubling as bath mats and cart covers being transformed into stunning curtains.

Indigo Linen

Based in a beautiful Hungarian village, we work with traditional Indigo dyers who hand print and hand dye the linen; enthused by their work we also hand dye the linen in bright contemporary colours.

The Hungarian linen is so versatile that it inspires us to design an ever-changing collection of goodies from lavender hearts, cushions and bags to rag rugs and upholstered furniture.

The unconventional homespun quality of this linen means that each product has its own quirky character that makes them unique.

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Don't deliberate too long as these are vintage linens and once they're gone.

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History of Beyond France

History of Beyond France

History of Beyond France according to Maud Lomberg, company founder:

As an antiques dealer and an intrepid traveller, I enjoyed sourcing antiques, fabrics and other treasures from France and East Germany.

However as the unusual handcrafted items became more scarce it seemed natural to keep moving east and into Hungary.

The Hungarian Draw

On my first trip, I met some Gypsies at a market who had the most gorgeous, vintage hand spun linen and as they say, 'I have never looked back'.

It wasn't only the linen that I cherished but the country too; one day I found a village where women in traditional costumes were tending their land and I knew this would be my home.

From this base, I have immersed myself in the traditional Hungarian culture, learning more about the history and traditions, which have captured my imagination.

I hope to share this insight with you, passing on the knowledge that makes this linen so special and charming; but at the same time so practical!

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We are based in Cirencester, GLOS. We do not have a shop but have visitors by appointment. Ring us for an appointment. Alternatively check our diary for fairs we are attending near you.

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